ABOUT - Heidi Haden


Thanks for visiting! I am Heidi Haden owner and professional photographer for over 8 years at Velvet Owl Photography servicing the greater Southwest WA & Portland, OR areas. I began this camera bag venture in 2014 as an idea and a hope that I could create some sort of functional, stylish camera bag that would relieve the amount of pressure that I was packing on my neck and back. (I was visiting the chiropractor much too often!)  I knew that if I felt this way - that there had to be other women out there that were struggling with back and neck pain as a result from their heavy gear as well! Let me just say - as a woman, I know that we are meant to carry weight in our HIPS! (Am I right or am I right?) I searched for a bag option online that I could purchase & wasn't able to find something that would solve my problem (that didn't resemble a tool belt). This of course got my wheels spinning! Over the last year and a half of product testing various designs, I am confident that I have come up with a functional, comfortable and stylish solution. 
While it is awesome to have the HEIDI HADEN 'HIPSTER' option during a long wedding work day as a professional photographer, it is also great having it around as a wife and mother of three little girls! When I just want to capture everyday family memories, having a discrete & protected bag that is also secure and comfortable, has motivated me to bring my camera out more often! My family and I actually hiked all around Utah in Zion National park this last spring break, and I used the HEIDI HADEN 'HIPSTER'.  It was so comfortable, and secure to my body - I packed my DSLR camera with an 85mm lens, a water bottle and lunch for the family. The 'HIPSTER' is the most comfortable pack I have personally ever worn. 
The HEIDI HADEN 'HIPSTER' is the first (you can call her Queen Bee) in the line of my HEIDI HADEN camera bags. Soon to follow will be a 'HIPSTER MINI' and various camera accessories as well. I am now thrilled to offer my stellar new line of camera bag products to the public! I know you are going to love them!
Thank you to every one of our HEIDI HADEN customers!
I look forward to seeing your instagram photos online!